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Invisalign braces are a pleasant alternative to metal braces and for many people; they are a God-sent, but for others, they are still not so sure about them and would love to learn more about these devices be fore making a decision as to whether to use them or not. If you happen to be among this ever-growing curious group, here’s everything you need to know about invisalign braces:


Inserting Your Braces

Invisalign braces come with clear marking for each jaw – U for the upper jaw and L for the lower one. All you need is to place them over your teeth and to apply gentle pressure.

Removing your braces

Removing Invisalign braces is as easy as inserting them – just use your fingertips to gently pull them free starting with the back teeth.

How long/often you can wear your braces

You may wear the braces for a maximum of 22 hours a day, but you must take them off when brushing your teeth and having meals and drinks.

Wearing Invisalign braces is not painful

You may or may not experience some minor discomfort at first which is bound to disappear within a few days.

Invisalign braces will not affect your speech

Your braces may affect your speech, but only temporary.

You may choose not to wear your braces for a special occasion

If you wish not to wear your braces for a special occasion, you may, but doing so regularly is not recommended.

Using aligner chewies will help your braces to seat suitably

Aligner chewies are tiny, round, plastic rolls that you can chew for around 15 minutes a day to help push your aligner into position.

You must remove your Invisalign braces when eating or drinking

It is advisable to always remove your braces when eating or drinking. Other than being extremely uncomfortable, eating or drinking with your braces will stain and disfigure them and may even encourage the growth of cavity. Flossing and brushing after every meal are recommended after which you can insert your braces. Chewing gum with braces is also discouraged. 

Cleaning your braces

Braces must be cleaned before each reinsertion. Clean your braces using plain water and a toothbrush. Avoid hot/warm water, toothpaste and mouthwash. To get rid of staining or discoloration, soak them in a mixture of cold water and vinegar for a few hours.

Your braces may have “bumps.”

Should you notice that your braces have bumps, there is no reason to worry. These “bumps” are usually meant to help the braces to grip your teeth more efficiently. 

You may be required to wear elastic along with your Invisalign braces

Your dentist may or may not advise you to wear an elastic rubber band between your jaws. It all depends on the line of treatment in use.

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