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10 Soft Food ideas for Dental Braces Wearers

Braces are usually a rite of passage and often a necessity for straight teeth and a striking smile. However, they can make your mouth sore and this will mean a change in your eating habits. Your orthodontist will also provide you with a long list of foods that are practically off limits.

If you are wearing braces, dentures, or just had your wisdom teeth recently removed, you understand just how bad it feels not being able to eat your favorite foods. However, you shouldn’t worry much; there are still those that you can enjoy even with your braces or dentures.

Food ideas for Dental Braces Wearers

10 Soft Food ideas for Dental Braces Wearers

1. Smoothies  

After having your braces put in, chewing for the first few days can be a really tedious process. Having a smoothie instead can help to ease the discomfort. Another good thing with smoothies is that you can have them in different flavors. This means that even though you will be limited on the kinds of foods you can eat, you won’t be in terms of smoothie flavors.  

2. Eggs

Eggs are an ideal option for someone wearing braces. They are soft, easy to prepare, and you can have them prepared in different ways, i.e. scrambled, omelets, or whichever way you prefer.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is also another good option for someone wearing braces. Just like with smoothies, it doesn’t limit you to just one flavor, so you won’t get bored with it rather quickly. It’s also soft and goes down well.

4. Carrot Ribbons

Most orthodontist tend to forbid any sort of food that would include carrots, this is primarily because they are already hard enough to break off even for those without braces. However, a good way around it is carrot ribbons. They are soft and don’t need any kind of breaking off. Shredded carrot is also another viable option, but the tiny pieces can easily get caught up in your braces and you could find yourself with an orange smile, so make sure to check on that.

5. Cucumbers and pepper slices

Cucumbers and peppers slices are a braces friendly vegetable that your orthodontist can allow. They are also quite healthy.  

6. Apples

Just like carrots, apples are not the easiest foods to chew; however, if you are a fan, there is a way to get around this. You can slice them up thinly to a point that chewing them will be a breeze.

7. Quinoa

Quinoa is good a choice for someone with braces; it’s small enough and comes packed with a fair amount of proteins.

8. Soups

You may not be a big fan of soup, but if you have braces, it will have to do the trick. You can try different kinds of soup, ranging from chicken noodle to beef stew soup. It all depends on what your taste buds are up for. The good thing is that you don’t have to stick to one recipe, and considering you have braces, diversity is something you will be in desperate need of.

9. Mashed potatoes

You can opt for sweet or regular mashed potatoes. To make it more interesting, you can add some of your favorite toppings like butter, cheese, chives, herbs, sautéed onions, or mushrooms.

10. Dessert

You can have ice cream or milk shakes, depending on what you are into. You can also try pumpkin cake; it’s sweet, easy to make, and comes packed with nutrients.

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